First blog post of the year! It’s been a busy 10 months since my last article and to be honest I wondered if my blogging journey was over but I am back with a quick round up of my year so far, as well as a review of Aquaplanet’s waterproof backpack that they very kindly sent me recently.

What’s been happening?

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I started a part time admin job in March once the kids were finally back at school (lets not mention homeschooling ever again, okay?). This means that as well as the bits & bobs of social media work I do for local clients, running, adventuring and the kids, my blogging time is limited. I also decided to start up my own ethical fashion brand.

Unfortunately, juggling all that was a case of more-ideas-than-time and so I ended up dropping a couple of balls; namely the blog and the clothing business. The latter is still on the back burner and I’m hoping to revisit it soon but I’ve really missed blogging so here I am!

There may be a few changes on here and I may not be taking things quite as seriously as I used to when it comes to stats etc but Nest & Dressed continues. Just with slightly less pressure and a more honest approach. More on that soon! But in the meantime let me tell you about my new favourite thing…

Aquaplanet’s 25 Litre Waterproof Backpack

I was sent this waterproof backpack to review a couple of months ago and it has already been on quite a few soggy Scottish adventures. Last week we took it to the beach for some rainy day paddles and a picnic. It’s a great size for towels, spare clothes and the never-ending supply of snacks needed, plus it was perfect for chucking the kid’s wet, sandy stuff in afterwards. I love that once you’re home you can just wipe it down or wash it out then it leave to dry for next time. It’s so much better than using plastic bags that you then have to throw away.

I also took it with me last month on a solo camping trip. I stayed two nights at Cashel campsite on the shore of Loch Lomond which was the perfect base for kayaking and hill walking. I met up with some ladies from the Wild Wanderers Facebook group on the Saturday to climb Ben Lomond but was keen to get out on the kayak once I was back at the tent. Cue my trusty waterproof backpack!

Aquaplanet are known for their SUP (stand up paddleboards) and I’ve heard a few people recommend them lately but they also sell kayaks, clothing and all the gear you need for your water based adventures. I’ve got my eye on some neoprene shoes because I’m a big wuss when it comes to walking on stony beaches!

The waterproof backpack has padded shoulder straps, a chest strap and a breathable back panel so feels really comfy and secure when you’re out & about. I also really like the fold over top which makes access easy. There’s nothing worse than fiddling with a zip when your hands are cold & wet!

Possibly my favourite feature though is the EasyPanel on the front. It would be great for carrying a helmet if you were cycling or climbing but I use it for chucking our coats and layers through. The west coast weather is notoriously changeable so I can’t tell you how handy this is!

Aquaplanet’s Ethical Credentials

As I mentioned earlier, things might change a little round here but Nest & Dressed will always have a focus on making sustainable & ethical choices. With that in mind I had a look at Aquaplanet’s website for their relevant policies… There isn’t any. I’m always a little disappointed when there is no mention of ethics on a brand’s website. Admittedly this is more common in fashion than other areas of retail but it really should be at the forefront of a company’s mind nowadays. I got in touch with Aquaplanet regarding their policies but am yet to hear back.

Where possible I like to ensure that a company uses ethically sourced, sustainable materials and works with factories that look after their workers but in Aquaplanet’s case I can’t be sure of any of that. The nature of their products means that there will a lot of materials like plastic & neoprene used which is understandable and unavoidable but if an item is well made, will be looked after and have a long life I see no problem with this.

Their waterproof rucksack does seem to be really good quality and it will certainly be getting plenty of use from us so overall it gets a thumbs up from me.

Sometimes you have to make allowances or compromises in life and trying to make more conscious shopping decisions is no different. There are always pros and cons to weigh up. In this case I’m really happy with the product and find it a useful addition to our lives so the lack of ethical transparency, while frustrating, takes less of a role.

Now we just need to plan our next outing! There will plenty more drizzly beach days for our waterproof backpack but I have to say I’m a fair weather camper so it might not be carrying the tent again for a while!

Are you a watersports fan? Make sure you check out Aquaplanet before your next adventure!


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