During a recent conversation I mentioned that I had an interest in sustainable living and was met with a blank expression. I realised that it was one of those phrases that people often find confusing. “Is it the same as being eco-friendly?”. Well, yes. That and whole lot more. Here’s a quick & easy explanation…

To live sustainably is to live in a way that will leave little or no impact on the earth and it’s resources.

But what does that really mean? And why is it so important?

The term sustainablity covers a broad range of topics & issues including global warming, pollution, recycling & deforestation. We hear it every day on the news but in our fast-paced, everyday lives it’s easy to dismiss it’s relevance to us personally. To help put it in perspective here’s a few facts & figures for you:


The world’s resources are not infinite; there is not a never ending supply of fossil fuels. At some point it will run out. At some point there will be no more rainforest to cut down. The Arctic will have melted and the polar bear will have become extinct. Now, admittedly these things may not happen in our lifetime but they will almost certainly be a reality for our children & grandchildren.

National Geographic estimates that 1 in 6 species could become extinct over the next 100 years as a direct result of climate change. 1 in 6! Scary stuff, eh?

It’s difficult to calculate when fossil fuels will run out but the general consensus is that there will be no gas or oil left by 2070. I’ll be 87; no Winter Fuel Allowance for me then!

The truth is that the earth can not sustain it’s resources being drained at this level. But a more widespread use of renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, would not only make our fossil fuels last longer but also give the ozone layer a chance to repair itself. So it’s not all doom and gloom! By being more aware of our energy consumption and by reusing & recycling we have the power turn this horror story into a tale of the ultimate comeback.

We do not own the earth, we are merely it’s caretakers. So isn’t it about time we started taking care of it?

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