Now that my year of buying nothing new has ended, a lot of people have been asking what my sustainability goals are for this year. So when I saw this blogger Q&A tag created by Emma Reed I figured it would be the perfect way to fill you in. If you don’t already follow Emma then go check her out; her passion for all things eco is contagious!

The aim of this blogger tag is to start a conversation, share our favourite tips and hopefully inspire some small changes. We’re all in this together and lots of little changes make a big difference! If you want to join in I’ll give you all the details at the end but first, on to the questions…


Have you already been making sustainable changes to your lifestyle?

Yes, slowly but surely over the last couple of years! It’s always been something I’ve been conscious of and I knew I wanted to use cloth nappies when Madeleine came along in 2012 but it’s only really been the last 2 years that I’ve been actively pursuing a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle. It’s certainly a learning curve!


What swaps have worked for you?

Period pants. I’m always banging on about my wonderful WUKA pants! I also use TOTM organic pantyliners for the days either side.


What swaps have been the easiest?

So many things have become second nature now. Some of the easiest changes are things like reusable shopping bags, fruit & veg bags, travel cups and water bottles. I’m also a big fan of eco cleaning products and toiletries from small companies like Norfolk Natural Living.

What swaps have been the hardest?

I’ve really struggled to find sustainably produced running gear. Having said that, last year I became an ambassador for Apexgray and I am so in love with their Eco-Lite range which is made from recycled plastic bottles! Head over to my running Insta account to find out more and get an exclusive code for 15% off. And if anyone can recommend some ethically made running shoes I am all ears!


What is your favourite eco-friendly swap so far and why?

I loved using cloth nappies on both Madeleine & Thomas. They saved us money, saved landfill waste and looked so darn cute! My current favourite is definitely my big comfy period pants, though. Oh, and I am obsessed with the Wild Rhubarb anti bac spray from Method. It’s not a perfect eco solution because it is in a plastic bottle but it smells divine.

What are your sustainability aims for 2020?

I’m going flexitarian! I actually didn’t know there was a name for it until last week but this year I’ll be cutting down on the animal products in my diet. I already use a lot of milk alternatives but I shall be attempting more meat free meals and upping the veggies. This is as much about my health & running nutrition as it is about being more sustainable. I also need to look into plastic free tea bags because I drink A LOT of tea.

Last year I bought no new clothes, just secondhand; but this year I will be concentrating on ethical fashion brands. I’ll still be trawling the charity shops and Depop but any new items will be sustainably produced where possible. I’m all about organic cotton nowadays!

I’m also making it my mission to be as sustainable a runner as possible. It’s a very plastic based hobby! Technical clothing & footwear tends to be manufactured using man-made materials in factories with questionable ethics. Environmentally conscious companies like Apexgray are the exception rather than the rule unfortunately. But my biggest bug bear is the plastic cups or water bottles that are thrown to the ground after just a few sips at the water stations on a race. It seriously irritates me and I tend to waste much needed energy by loudly tutting at fellow runners! Thankfully a lot of race organisers are swapping to paper cups or encouraging runners to bring their own collapsible reusable cup. I’m yet to get one but with 2 marathons and lots of other races booked for 2020 it’s firmly on the shopping list.


Have you set up a plan in order to make these happen/achievable?

A lot of research, YouTube videos & Instagram stalking followed by trial & error – the same way I go about most things!


What are your top tips for anybody who is just starting to make eco-friendly changes?

Ditch the idea of perfection; living an eco-friendly life is not an all-or-nothing exercise. Just do what you can where you can and build it up slowly. At the risk of sounding like a Tesco advert: every little helps!



Hopefully you’ve found this interesting and if you’ve been inspired to make any eco swaps then do let me know! I’m always up for having a natter and swapping tips.

If you’re a blogger and want to join in with the 2020 Sustainable Aims tag then feel free to copy and paste the above questions as well as this paragraph. Answer the sustainability-related questions in your own blog post and tag (link to their website) your nominated bloggers at the end of the post. When you are nominated by a blogger please tag that person at the start of your post to say thank you and to also give them a link back. Feel free to add links to relevant blog posts you may have on your site and add photos too. There’s no strict timescale as to when you need to get your posts out but within 2 weeks would be nice in order to keep the ball rolling. Also, please do also tag Emma on Twitter @EmReed01 and you can find me on all major platforms @nestanddressed.

I’m tagging Eilidh of Just Eilidh, Rachel at Holchester Designs and Ruth McGilp. What have you got planned this year, ladies?


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