If you’re into running or going to the gym then you’ll no doubt be familiar with the conundrum of where to keep your phone and valuables during your workout. Some people prefer to run without a phone but living rurally means that I like to have mine with me in case of an emergency. There are so many options out there, including waist belts, but I’m an armband kinda gal. I like to have easy access to my phone and having it on my arm means I can get to the stop button on my Strava nice and quick!

UK based Revere Sport has a fantastic selection of armbands, particularly for iPhone and Galaxy users, and very kindly sent me a few to try out. I wasn’t running for a while thanks to a calf injury (it’s still there, I’m just ignoring it and hoping it will go away!) but I’ve been back to training recently ahead of this weekend’s Run Mhor Hidden Glen 10k. This has given me lots of opportunities to put Revere Sport‘s armbands to the test! Keep reading to find out how you can win one of their bestselling armbands, but in the meantime here’s a quick roundup of my thoughts…


My running buddy tested out the Elite armband for me and despite generally not being a fan of armbands she really liked it! It’s lightweight, seems to withstand the rain and has a really sensitive touchscreen panel. There is also a card slot on the back to keep your Parkrun barcode or gym pass safe plus a reflective strip to help you be seen on evening runs.



This is a great little arm band if you simply want to have your phone with you but don’t necessarily need to look at it during your workout.  It’s not ideal for those of us that like to quickly access our phone for apps etc but if you’re a keen walker or if you go to a gym class, this could be the one for you. It’s spacious, comfy and fits any phone so you’ve no need to buy a new armband if you get an upgrade.



Athlete Armband

I like that this armband doubles up as a protective case which I can use on my phone all the time. The simple design allows you to access all of your phone’s features and means there is no added bulk. It also comes with two straps; the smaller of which can be used on your wrist or you can add the larger one to use it on your upper arm. This isn’t a great option for an all-weather runner but if you’re heading to the gym for a treadmill session then you can simply pop the strap in your bag and away you go.



This is my favourite and the one I use on all my runs now! The large zipped pocket is big enough to hold your phone, keys, an energy bar, money, ID –  or in my case, loads of tissues! Anyone else’s nose drip constantly when they’re running? I’ve worked out that I go through a tissue every 2km so I normally set off with one in each hand plus a packet in my Vertex armband. Ridiculous! It wasn’t so bad in the winter as I’d have tissues up my sleeves and just wipe the snot on my gloves, but the warmer weather and lighter nights means that people can see me so I need to deal with my snotty state in a slightly less gross way! It’s also waterproof which is a big bonus for me living in rainy Argyll. This armband may be too bulky for some but it serves my purpose really well. If you need to take more than just a phone with you then I can’t recommend this one enough!



There are some really great features on this armband, including the weatherproof reflective material. I always run in the evening so like to make sure I have plenty of reflective gear on, particularly when I’m trudging along country lanes. This one is a similar design to the Elite armband and boasts a key slot, home screen access and a velcro fastening to keep your earphone cables secure. Again, the touchcreen panel is really sensitive which is a bonus when you’re faffing with your apps as I do! If it wasn’t for my excessive snottiness this would probably be my go-to armband, but alas there is not enough room for my tissues. I’ll definitely be using this one once winter creeps in again, though. Fancy one yourself? Well you are in luck!



Exciting news! I have one of Revere Sport‘s fantastic reflective armbands to giveaway to a lucky winner! All you have to do is head over to Instagram and make sure you are following @nestanddressed and @reveresport then tag a friend who might like to be in with a chance of winning, too. Click the button below for all the details and your chance to win!



Competition ends 9pm Sunday 22nd April. Good luck everyone!

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