How on earth are we in the second half of the year already? Since I got back from Blogtacular in June I seem to have hit the ground running. I returned brimming with ideas yet I haven’t even had chance to go over my notes yet! We’re half way through the kids holidays and the novelty of spending 24 hours a day with my feisty girl is quickly wearing off. And it means no time for blogging; I am soooooooo behind. So here’s a quick update from The Nest…


The first week of the kids holidays was pretty horrific when it came to Madeleine’s behaviour. She was whiney and lashing out and generally being a horror. But I soon realised why. We had fallen off the sugar wagon and she was eating far too much crap. As was I! So we went on a sugar detox and within a couple of days my sweet (excuse the pun!) girl had returned. Don’t get me wrong she still has her stroppy moments – she’s three going on thirteen – but there was no more tired whinging throughout the day or constant demands for chocolate. And when she did ask for something and I said no she’d reply with a sweet “Ok, Mummy”. I know, weird, right?!

As you know I am constantly battling my sugar addiction but I am pleased to say that we are currently 3 weeks clean! We have had the odd bit of cake when we’ve been out but I’ve managed to keep it at that & not go on a binge. I love how much better I feel when I’ve kicked the evil white stuff. I’ve got more energy, more patience, better skin and, most importantly, a better behaved child. Man, that sugar crash is a bitch!


My smiley boy is as gorgeous and chilled as ever. He’s 8 months old now and is sitting, rolling and teething with a vengeance! After my London trip he got used to formula, plus my boobs had dried up a bit so I decided to just breastfeed at night. Of course he has now decided to start sleeping through the night which obviously is great news for my tiredness levels but is definitely not good for my emotions. I’m not ready to stop breastfeeding, dammit! We won’t be having any more kids (you remember my hideous pregnancy, right?!) so I’m struggling with the thought that I’ll never breastfeed again. But there is always a silver lining… goodbye milk-stained nursing bras, hello underwire! I’m thinking of having a ritual burning of my manky old bras and dancing round the embers in some fancy new lingerie.

Snap Happy…
In other news, I finally got round to buying myself a snazzy DSLR camera! I am so freaking excited it’s ridiculous. I’ve no idea how to use the damn thing and I’ve only taken a few snaps so far but I’m looking forward to getting some practice in once the new school term starts. No more crappy camera phone!

That pretty much brings us up to date. I’ve got lots of exciting projects & collaborations on the horizon so make sure you’re following on Bloglovin or sign up in the side bar so you don’t miss out!


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