I’ve been promoting and talking about Operation BoPo quite a bit lately so I thought it about time I gave you a formal introduction…

Founded earlier this year by Glasgow based blogger Ly H Kerr, Operation BoPo is a body positive project that aims to spread self-love and encourage the idea that every body is a beautiful body. Ly has herself struggled with body image issues over the years thanks to illness, weight gain and self harm. The discovery of the body positive movement changed her perception of herself and turned her hate into love.

She now wants to share that life changing notion with a wider audience and I’m very proud to say that I have jumped aboard the Op BoPo love train! If you read my last post What is Body Positivity? you’ll know how important it is to me that both my children and I embrace the skin we’re in, so when I heard about Ly’s project I didn’t hesitate to get involved.

Which brings me to Operation BoPo’s very first event; an art exhibition being held at the fabulous Glad Rags in Glasgow this Thursday (20th October) at 7:30pm. If you fancy an evening of goodie bags, cocktails & hand massages from the girls at Lush then you are in for a treat! But more importantly there will be a beautiful exhibition of photographs and artwork posed for by a wide range of models, including me & my boy. Every one of the volunteer models has their own unique story and reason for getting involved. I can guarantee you will leave feeling inspired and beautiful and with a spring in your step (imagine Julie Andrews prancing around the hills in The Sound of Music)!

Photo credit: Glad Rags Thrift

I am so excited for the big night. I’ve not seen any of the photos yet, not even my own…which I posed for in my underwear, by the way! And did I mention the venue is a vintage thrift store? I’ve not been to Glad Rags before it looks like my idea of heaven! 

Photo credit: Glad Rags Thrift

So what do you reckon? Are you ready to join the self-love revolution?

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