The other day I was watching Madeleine unpack the crafting supplies from her My Greeting Box to make some cards for her friends and I had no idea that I was about to be well and truly schooled in the art of friendship by my five year old.

Having just cleaned the house I was getting a bit twitchy as she excitedly unveiled pink sequins and ink pads, so I rather abruptly asked her why on earth we needed to “waste the card supplies and make a mess” in order to give her school friends some unnecessary cards? Madeleine stopped what she was doing, looked me right in the eye and said…


“Because it feels good to make people feel good”


Can’t really argue with that, can you? She then went on, in a rather exasperated tone, to tell me that she loved her friends and she wanted them to know they were special to her. Seriously, this kid drives me insane. She can be such a pain in the arse & push me to the edge of my sanity and then she’ll proclaim something like this which makes me want to weep and hold her & her beautiful soul for the rest of eternity! (And I wonder where she gets her dramatic side from.)

So, I embraced the moment & the mess and I sat down to help her with her cards. We talked about her friends and why she liked them. Some were kind & funny; others were brave & generous. As she listed all these lovely traits that she recognised in her friends I started to think about how we rarely show appreciation of these things once we become adults. We lose the innocence and directness that it takes to say “This is what I love about you. Thank you for being my friend.” . Instead it is replaced with a self-conciousness and a fear of embarassment.

We spoke about how she felt when she did nice things for her friends; proud & happy. How she felt when she wasn’t kind to her friends; upset and “bubbly inside”. She spoke and I listened and this is what she taught me…



Admittedly I had to get her to say that last one a few times before I got my head round it! But she is absolutely right. Kindness really is beautiful; it costs nothing to be nice, and negativity is exhausting whether you are giving or receiving it. Experiences are so much better when shared with a loved one and, finally, if you are kind and appreciative others will pay it forward. Kindness breeds kindness and lets face it, the world could certainly do with a lot more of that!

Not only did I get a life lesson that day but I also took the time to really enjoy crafting some greetings cards thanks to My Greeting Box.  I was lucky enough to be sent one of these lovely subscription boxes to review and I have to say I was very impressed. Your first box contains all the basics you need to get you started plus that months themed items. June’s theme was fairies which went down very well with my girlie girl!

The box also contains 3 design ideas with step by step instructions to help you make beautiful cards for friends and family. Of course Madeleine completely ignored the instructions and did her own thing, but her creations were just as awesome and her friends loved them!

If you fancy taking a leaf out of Madeleine’s book and crafting some cards for your loved ones then make sure you head over to My Greeting Box and use the code FIRST25 to get 25% off your first box.


And if you want a slightly more modern way to show your friends how much you care then why not share this post with them using the buttons on the left and tell them why you’re grateful for their friendship. Are they a good listener? Do they make you laugh? Maybe they give the best advice? Spread some love and nurture those friendships. Act like a five year old!


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