Do you remember the rather fabulous support pillow from Pregnancy Pillows that I featured as part of my Pregnancy Essentials series? Well, meet it’s baby cousin…

When I was breastfeeding Madeleine I used a cheap V-shaped nursing pillow that I got from Amazon. It didn’t offer an awful lot of support and over time it went lumpy. I was keen to find better alternative this time round and the kind folks at Pregnancy Pillows came to my rescue with their award winning Original Nursing Pillow*.

I love the rounded shape that fits neatly around my waist and holds Thomas at just the right height for feeding. This means no awkward bending or slumping to get the boob to the baby and so it’s much kinder on my back. If you followed my pregnancy you’ll know that I had terrible trouble with back pain and so I was keen to avoid anymore trauma post-birth. I was also guilty of poor posture when feeding Madeleine and I really suffered for it. Moving from feeding in bed to a nursing chair made a huge difference but I wish I’d had one of these to aid the process even more.

It is also really handy as a resting place for Thomas. He often gets dumped at a moments notice when I realise Madeleine has not only gone quiet but she’s also shut the door – a sure fire sign that she is up to no good! On that subject, any tips on getting Sudocrem off an armchair?

The Original Nursing Pillow is available in 7 colours and the removable baby-soft covers wash really well. It is supposed to smell of lavender but as with the pregnancy support pillow I can’t actually smell it. Maybe I have faulty nostrils!

Lack of lavender aside, I can’t recommend this pillow enough. It’s supportive, durable and comfy for baby. And best of all, it’s only £20! Nice work, Pregnancy Pillows.

What are your mum & baby essentials?

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