Readers, I must confess. There is a new love in my life. He is warm and gentle and so supportive. He also takes up rather a lot of room in bed but we cuddle up together every night regardless. Sounds perfect, right? Well, say hello to my fabulous new support pillow* courtesy of Pregnancy Pillows!

I’m only 20 weeks but I feel like I’m the size of a house (check out my Instagram and judge for yourself!) and I’ve been suffering with a sore back and aching hips for a few weeks now. Thankfully the kind folks at Pregnancy Pillows came to my aid and sent me one of their original U-shaped pillows.

It’s so difficult to get a decent nights sleep when you’re pregnant and although this pillow will not stop the frequent toilet trips it will make you a whole lot comfier in bed. The full U shape means that no matter which side you lie on your back is supported and your hips are realigned by the cushion between your legs. It is supposedly scented with lavender to aid relaxation but to be honest I can’t smell it.

Having slept with my new love for a few nights, I then slept without it to see if I’d notice a difference. And my word, did I notice a difference! The mornings I woke up without it my back was in agony and I really struggled to get moving. By comparison, on the nights I did use it I was able to get straight out of bed without so much as a twinge. I wish I’d had one of these in my first pregnancy as the difference has been incredible. It is firmly on my pregnancy essentials list!

The removable pillow case is strokably soft and it has proved a big hit with the whole family. It’s a wonder I got a look in! There are various options available on the website so even if you don’t think you’ve got room for a U-shaped pillow you should find something to suit. We have a king size bed and I have to say it would be too much of a squeeze if it were just a double.

It comes as no surprise to me that Pregnancy Pillows have been shortlisted for two Baby & Toddler Gear Awards (Pregnancy Wellbeing and Most Innovative for Parent). They thoroughly deserve your votes!

So what are your pregnancy essentials? Do you already have a support pillow? If not, get one!
Adele x
PS- Most pillows are currently reduced; mine was £35 but is now just £27.50. Bargain!


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