Thomas is nearly two now and is obsessed with anything that has wheels, so when I was thinking of writing a few children’s gift guides I just had to do one for train and car lovers! My boy will merrily potter about all day with his toy garage and train set making cute brum brum noises. I wish Madeleine was as easily amused!

A few of the things I’ve included in our top five are already firm favourites but there’s also a couple of bits that I have bought and put aside for his birthday next week. If you’ve got a little train or car enthusiast on your gift list then take a look at this lot for some great ideas!

1. My First Scalextric, £29.99

my first scalextric children's gift guide
scalextric children's gift guide
children's gift guide my first scalextric

How many of you are reminiscing about your childhood right now?! My older cousin had a Scalextric and I thought it was so cool. I defy anyone not to have fun with one of these, let alone the kids!

Apart from the excitement of the cars whizzing around the track, this gift is actually really great for kid’s development thanks to the hand/eye coordination and skills needed to put the track together. It’s not at all complicated but it does require a level of dexterity that very young ones may struggle with. My First Scalextric* is aimed at ages 3+ and I would have to agree with that. Thomas is a bit young for it really as he keeps knocking the track over, but it’s perfect for Madeleine, aged four.

Once the kids managed to convince Daddy to let them have a go, there was lots of squeals and giggles as the cars flew around the track. In fact, Thomas was in tears when we eventually had to put it away. He loves it! My only grumble would be that the track seems quite flimsy so I wonder how robust it will be in the long term. For now though, it definitely gets a big thumbs up from all the family. Such a cool children’s gift!

2. Brio My First Take Along Set, £29.99

brio take along set children's gift
brio take along set children's gift guide

How awesome is this?! We’re going away in a few weeks and I’m so excited to be able to take this with us. It’s such a good idea and just big enough to hold a few trains to play with on holiday. The My First Take Along Set* is aimed at children over 18 months and contains a couple of bits of track, two ramps, a train and a tender complete with jingly bell. This would be great to keep at Granny’s house or to take on play dates. As with all Brio products the quality is impressive and I’m pretty sure it’ll easily withstand the rough and tumble of my crazy kids! Brio is always a great choice when looking for a children’s gift.

remote control thomas the tank engine children's gift

The remote control Thomas has been a firm favourite in this house for a few years; I think Madeleine got it for her 2nd birthday. It is still going strong and the kids both regularly play with it. The controller is really easy for little hands to use and they soon get the hang of making Thomas go forwards or backwards. Lots of fun to be had with this little fella!

duplo train children's gift

I’ve got this Duplo train for Thomas’s birthday and I just know that it’s going to be a big hit! It has the magical combination of building blocks and wheels…what’s not to love?! And it’s educational thanks to the numbers so Mummy is happy, too!

5. DK My First ‘Things That Go’ book, £5.99

my first things that move children's gift cover
my first things that move children's gift

I’m a big fan of the DK ‘My First’ board books. They are bright, fun and come in a wide range of topics including Things that Go, Trucks & Diggers, Farm and Animals. You’re bound to find something your toddler will love! I can’t think of a better children’s gift than a book and an introduction to the joy that reading can bring.



Do you have a train or car lover at home? I’d love to know what their favourite toys are. With both Thomas’s birthday and Christmas coming up I need all the gift inspiration I can get!

Please note: Prices correct at time of publishing

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