To the person who invented the baby sleeping bag, I salute you! It has revolutionised the way we put our babies to bed with around 95% of parents now using them. No more blankets getting kicked off or wriggled over baby’s head means a better nights sleep all round. The fabulous design prevents overheating by allowing ventilation to the chest via the arm holes, however this does leave baby’s arms at risk of getting cold.

When Madeleine was tiny she always had cold arms at night and I remember I used to tuck her icy hands under my boob to warm them up during night feeds! Poor girl. We have since moved house but Thomas’ room gets just as cold so when I heard about The Gro Company’s Gro-Suits* with their padded arms I couldn’t wait to give them a go…

And I’ve not been disappointed. The quilted sleeves keep Thomas cosy whilst the single cotton layer of the body & legs mean he doesn’t get too warm in the bag. They wash and tumble dry really well, too.

Gro-Suits are very reasonably priced with a pack of two costing just £14.99 and are available in various designs & sizes up to 18 months. They’re soft and stretchy and I kind of want one for me! I’m so impressed with these, I’ll definitely be ordering more for my rapidly growing chunk; 13lb 7oz at the last weigh in!

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