Thomas is now 6 weeks old and an absolute giant. Seriously, I’m thinking he should join the circus as one of those old fashioned side shows. Roll up, roll up, come see the incredible 10 stone baby! Needless to say The Milk Monster is constantly wanting to feed so I inevitably have to pop out a boob when we’re out & about and it is too damn cold to be semi naked in public. But fear not, my friends, I have the answer! Well, the clever folks at Breastvest do…


Their award winning design allows you to lift your top to breastfeed without flashing the flesh. The Breastvest* has adjustable straps and sits just under your nursing bra keeping the mum-tum covered while you feed baby. I’m a bit of an old woman when it comes to the cold, I’d rather be tucked up under a tartan blanket with the fire blazing, so having something to keep me covered during al fresco feeds is a definite must. It’s also nice not to have the wobbly bits on show, although I have to say I’m rather proud of my mum-tum. There was a 9lb 8oz human in there for goodness sake! My belly is awesome!

breastvest was invented to make breastfeeding in public easier, offering a powerful combination of body confidence, style choice and value for money”

If you are breastfeeding then the Breastvest has got to go to the top of your shopping list. The material is soft & stretchy, washes well and comes in a variety of colours & sizes. And it turns any top into a nursing top so is an absolute bargain at just £15. Make sure you check out their special offers and take advantage of either £5 off when you buy one black & one white or 15% off before January 31st.

 What would be on your Baby Essentials list? Leave a comment & let me know! 

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