This is not the kind of post you normally find on a home & fashion blog but I felt the need to share. It’s only short so please do read on and share on social media if you can…

On Wednesday 6th July there was a truly horrific road accident in my local area that claimed the lives of two children. Three year old Leia McCorrisken & her two year old brother Seth were travelling in the back of a car that plunged into the freezing waters of Loch nan Druimnean, just north of Kilmelford. Their Mother, 36 year old Hazel, survived.

Leia and Seth McCorrisken
(Photo of Leia & Seth released by family to media)
The details are yet to be fully released but quite frankly they are irrelevant. The loss of those babies is so utterly tragic. I don’t know the family but my heart is breaking for them. As the mum of a girl the same age as Leia plus a younger boy, I can only imagine what poor Hazel felt as she battled to get out of that car, with her babies strapped in the back. The horror, the helplessness…it doesn’t bear thinking about.
And it seems I’m not the only one to have been touched by this tragedy. This evening a JustGiving page was set up to raise £500 to help towards the funeral of Leia & Seth. As I write this, the total has already reached an astounding £5540.
In the last couple of weeks we as a nation have seen some of the ugliest human behaviour: murder, racism, xenophobia. Tonight, I have seen nothing but love & generosity from my community and, despite the harrowing circumstances, my faith in humanity has been somewhat restored.
Nothing we can do or say will ease the hollow hearts of the McCorrisken family. But hopefully the love, support & generosity of the Argyll community will shine a little light on the darkest part of their lives. Hazel & Neil, please know that you are in our thoughts.
And to the people of Argyll, thank you for reminding me of the importance of kindness and community. I am so incredibly proud of you.


If you wish to donate you can do so here.

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