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I was recently contemplating my dream holiday destination & there was no question that France was going on the shortlist. There’s something about France that quietens my mind & feeds my soul. It’s like therapy. The long lazy days, the sunshine & wine, the al fresco feasts of fresh bread, ham & cheese. The time to talk. We never really talk anymore. Day to day life is a hamster wheel of organising the house, the kids, work; there’s no time to really interact as a couple.

Apart from a week in Aviemore for Madeleine’s 2nd birthday, we’ve not had a holiday since we had kids so some Franco-therapy is long overdue! For now, though, I shall make do with memories of holidays past. My favourite of which was in the sunny September of 2007 when our whole clan descended on the tiny village of Queyssac…

My brother in law and his bride decided it would be the perfect location for their quiet country wedding, and perfect is most definitely the word. In the days before the wedding the tribe gathered from all corners of the UK and began preparations for the big day. There was bunting, candles, flowers and a huge heart-shaped chocolate cake that a little flower girl and her sneaky fingers took a fancy to before it was officially cut!

We took turns to collect the breakfast pastries then we swam in the pool and chatted & laughed until we cried. The sun was shining and we took full advantage with many a stroll around the village to it’s dovecote on the hill. There were shopping trips to the nearby town of Bergerac and to the fabulous Sunday market at Issigeac. Then we watched the sun set while eating cheese & drinking too much French beer.

The day itself was beautifully relaxed and honest. A real celebration of a fabulous couple and their love for each other. It was one of the loveliest weddings I have ever attended. And one of the loveliest holidays.

Not only did we finish our week in the Dordogne with a bucket load of fond memories but we left with a feeling of warmth, of kinship, of belonging. Our hearts were lighter and our souls were nourished. It truly was the ultimate summer love holiday.

Sadly, I didn’t have a camera at the time so I only have a couple of snaps that The Other Half took on his phone. I really wish I had some pictures of Queyssac to share with you but take my word for it, it really is worth a visit!

Have you holidayed in France? There’s so much more of the country I’d love to see. Any recommendations?
Note: This is an entry into the James Villas #summerlove competition

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