If you didn’t catch the first instalment of our trip to Glasgow then make sure you check it out because not only did you miss some lovely scenery (complete with obligatory castle pic) but you missed the best pizza ever! Seriously, it was so good.

Thanks to the Campanile Glasgow’s super-comfy beds we awoke on day two well rested and full of excitment for Disney’s Frozen on Ice. Madeleine squealed with joy as she put on her favourite Frozen dress and clutched her little Elsa toy. She couldn’t believe we were actually going to see the real life Anna & Elsa! The Hydro is literally a stones throw from the Campanile so we were in no rush and headed downstairs for a leisurely breakfast.

The restaurant was generously laid out with a continental breakfast as well as a cooked buffet. Madeleine’s eyes were as wide as saucers when she saw all the food! We picked a table overlooking The Hydro and I told her she could get whatever she wanted for her breakfast. Not one of my better ideas. She stuffed her little face with Coco Pops, a muffin, yogurt, apple juice and Nutella straight from the packet!

We watched out the window as a guy set up a makeshift stall piled high with knock off Disney on Ice souvenirs before a swarm of little princesses (and the occasional Olaf) descended on the Hydro. We decided to join them and so bid farewell to the Campanile & it’s cheery staff. They were so helpful & friendly; I really can’t praise them enough.


Of course, as we made our way over the road & towards the souvenir stall, my girl insisted she needed an epilepsy-inducing wand to prance around with. I wasn’t hugely impressed at paying a tenner for some flashing plastic tat but I figured it would be cheaper (and hopefully break sooner) than the ones sold inside the Hydro. I was right (on both counts) as I soon found the one’s inside were actually twice the price.

I also discovered that food is limited within The Hydro so if you want anything decent for the kids I’d recommend you take it yourself. Madeleine’s sugary breakfast meant she was flagging by half time but I couldn’t see anything for her to eat other than popcorn or snowcones. My girl doesn’t cope well with hunger, bless her!

We were sat right at the top on the very back row, which despite the dizzying height, was actually a pretty good spot. We were fairly central so could easily see all the characters as they glided around the ice. The performance itself was really impressive; Madeleine was absolutely mesmerized!

After the performance we emerged blinking into the sunshine and made our way to the next stop on our west end tour. The Riverside Museum is only a short distance away and is easily accessible thanks to regular buses & taxis from just outside The Hydro.

Once there I steered a ravenous Maddie past the ice cream van and the tempting smells of the fish & chip stall and straight into the museum café. It was really busy but the staff were attentive and we were swiftly sat by the window with our order taken shortly afterwards. It wasn’t long until our food arrived and my girl was soon feeling perkier and telling me all about how magical Frozen on Ice was. She kept saying “Thank you, Mummy! I loved it! You’re the best!”. She can be the sweetest thing sometimes.

Once we had refuelled we ventured back into the museum itself and to the main door to get our bearings. The Riverside is Glasgow’s museum of transport & travel and like all of Scotland’s museums it is free. We spent a good hour & a half exploring and discovering everything from trains to skateboards and even the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of it as Madeleine had elbowed her way past all the people queuing patiently for a photo opp and was being removed from the car by an angry looking bloke in a flat cap. Oops! It is a beautiful car though and you can just see it in the background of this picture of Madeleine playing the piano really badly.

We had great fun exploring the replica street with it’s tram and reminiscent shops. I can imagine myself whiling away many an hour in The Rendezvous Café.

There was so much to look at; you could spend a whole day there without getting bored. A lot of the exhibits are interactive so there is plenty for the kids to get stuck into, including climbing aboard the trains.

I also came across my dream wardrobe. I’ve decided that if I win the lottery I’m going to display all my frocks in glass cases just like this!

After lots of running around Madeleine decided it was time for an ice cream break so we got wrapped up and headed outside to the ice cream van. As we waited for our 99s I heard the most blood curdling scream… I honestly thought there was a poor woman being attacked but when I whipped my head around I realised it was just some nutter doing a bungee jump from a crane outside the museum! Why? Why would you do that?!

Ice creams in hand, we strolled around the side of the museum towards The Tall Ship which is docked at the back of The Riverside. Again, it is free entry but they do ask for donations and there is a little shop should you wish to buy a souvenir. Madeleine chose a pirate teddy for Thomas and conned me into buying her a little fishing game for the journey home. It turned out to be ridiculously noisy so it’s not seen the light of day since!

It was such a beautiful day so we walked along the river for a few minutes and enjoyed the view up the Clyde towards The Hydro before stepping aboard the historic Glenlee. Madeleine was convinced it was a pirate ship but the impressive vessel was in fact built in Glasgow in the 1890’s as a cargo ship before doing her bit for the Spanish Navy.

The Glenlee is really interesting and a treat for all ages. Madeleine loved climbing up & down the steep stairs and turning the wheel plus there’s loads of interactive displays in the nooks & crannies below deck.

After a quick scrub of the decks we consulted with trusty google maps and walked the 10 minutes to the nearest train station. Partick station is right next to a Morrisons so we stocked up on nibbles for the train ride home and then trundled off to find our platform. I have to say we were both exhausted by this point and ready for the sit down!

It was a whirlwind 24 hours for me & my girl but we has such a good time and made some great memories. And that’s what life is all about, isn’t it? It’s easy to get bogged down in the everyday routine but every now and then you have to take a breath and enjoy your little ones while they’re young.
If you fancy doing the same and spending some quality time with the kiddos then why not head to Glasgow? Check out what’s on at The Hydro, book a room at the Campanile and make some memories at The Riverside Museum. You won’t regret it!

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