We’re nearly 2 weeks into September and I’m only just getting round to sharing August’s update with you! Time is just running away with me at the moment, there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. August was a busy month for us so we’ve lots to catch up on, including a new addition to the family…

Say Hello to Caesar

A few weeks ago we started fostering for Northern Rose Boxer Rescue and welcomed gorgeous Caesar into the family. He is a 3 year old Boxer x Dogue de Bordeaux and has definitely made his mark!

Here’s a few things we’ve learnt about Caesar:

1. He is a stubborn bugger. If he hasn’t finished playing in the garden he is not going to come in. If he is comfy on the bed, he is not going to move. You’ll just have make do with that little corner of duvet, human.

2. He has first dibs on all peices of furniture, particulary if they have a good view out the window. And just in case anyone is wondering, the dining table is the perfect spot for those of you who wish to lick your arse whilst keeping an eye on the garden for invading felines.

3. He is partial to a dirty nappy.

4. He hates being left on his own and will cry & wee.

5. He can open doors and plough his way through a hedge if the previously mentioned felines dare to trespass.

6. He loves company & cuddles. In his head he is a fluffy chihuahua and will climb onto your knee at any oppurtunity for snuggles and kisses.

So basically he is an insecure, stroppy teenage boy with questionable hygiene habits! He is so good with the kids though and Madeleine loves to play catch with him in the garden. I’ll certainly miss his cuddles when he finds his forever home.

Please check out Northern Rose Boxer Rescue if you’re interested in fostering or adopting a dog. The rescue is run purely by volunteers from their homes and they do such a good job.


The other gorgeous boy in my life is also keeping me on my toes. He is now crawling and is into everything. I much preferred it when I could put him down and know where he was! He has also cut his canine teeth so looks like a little vampire when he smiles. Unfortunately the middle teeth are coming through, too. I was hoping to put a black cape on him & have a ready made Halloween costume in October!

 Stripy top (pack of 3) F+F at Tesco

The first week of August was World Breastfeeding Week and Mr T decided it was an appropriate time to give up the boob for good. Well, he may have been ready but I certainly wasn’t. I’m still a bit emotional when I think about it. Thomas is most definitely our last child which means I will never breastfeed again. Cue hormonal sobbing. Thankfully, and purely by coincidence, I took a photo during that last feed so I have a lovely reminder of his very first breastfeed and our very last.


It’s more than just the end of my breastfeeding days, it’s the end of my baby days. At 9 months old my boy has now been out as long as he was in. He is crawling, he can feed himself, he is becoming more independent everyday. He’s not learnt to change his own nappy yet though so I’m still in a job for now!

Striped all in one (above) & car jumper (below) both now in M&Co sale, instore only 


In other news, at the grand old age of 3 & a half, my little whirlwind suffered her first broken bone.Thanks to a tumble down the stairs she broke her thumb and spent most of August wearing a splint. Have you ever tried to keep a bandage on a three year old’s thumb? It’s a miracle it ever healed. I was having to re-dress it on a daily basis and the thing was minging. It was covered in food, paint & other unidentified stains, not to mention being dunked in the sea on at least one occasion. Boy was I glad when she got the all clear! Of course none of it phased her at all, the little trooper.

It was also something cool to show her friends when she went back to nursery mid-month. The Scottish schools are always a couple of weeks ahead of their English counterparts so we are well into the swing of things up here. Madeleine has never been a fan of nursery and it’s always a battle to get her ready & out the door on a morning. She attends two different nurseries; 3 mornings a week at the village school’s nursery and a full day at an outdoor nursery. Amazingly, since the new term started she has been really enjoying her time at the outdoor nursery and has been excited to go. What a relief! I can’t tell you how stressful it is having to make your child go somewhere they don’t want to be. I’m hoping she’ll start to look forward to her sessions at the village nursery soon, too.

Just Call Me “Yo Yo”

And as for me? Well, I spent the month having a rather half-hearted attempt at losing weight. Week one, lost 2lbs. Week two, gained 2lbs. Week three, lost 2lbs. Week four, gained 2lbs. It’s laughable really! Ah well, at least I’m consistent.

The problem is, I just don’t care enough. Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from super confident. I’m the biggest I have ever been and my clothes don’t fit very well, but this is me. I may have saggy boobs and a wobbly tum but I also have two beautiful kids to show for it. And bags under my eyes.

What I do care about is my backache. I’m so sick of being in pain and wincing every time I pick up one of the kids. So September’s mission is to ditch the scales (they seem to be stuck on the same number anyway!) and work on my core strength. I’m hoping my sore back will improve if there is more muscular support. Thankfully a friend of mine is a bit of a yoga guru and has given me some great exercise to try. I’ll report back next month but in the meantime check out Warm Hearts Yoga for amazing kiddies yoga sessions in the St Andrews area. I wish we lived nearer, Madeleine would love it!

I think that’s about it for August. September is set to be an equally busy month plus we’ve got a visit to Yorkshire to look forward to. Watch out for lots of fun DIY & interiors posts in the next few weeks too as I’ve been really cracking on with Thomas’s aeroplane adventure bedroom.

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