When Madeleine helps me with Thomas or if she picks something up for him she always says “Supersister to the rescue!” and so I got it into my head that I wanted to make her a Supersister cape. I thought about just sewing some ribbon to a hemmed piece of fabric but I didn’t like the idea of something being tied around her neck (unless it’s 5pm on a Friday in which case I’ll happily tie something around the little whinge-bag’s neck). So after some umming & ahhing I came up with a much safer design…

I decided on a pink & silver theme so the glittery letters from March’s Glittery Hands Box were perfect. Everything else was from good old Amazon (click on the highlighted links in the list below).

You will need:


1. Firstly, measure your child from their shoulder to see how long you want your cape to be. I didn’t do this so Madeleine’s is far too long! Supersister can wear heels though, right?

2. Use tailors chalk to mark out the required length & width in a solid line then add half an inch for the seam allowance drawing this in a dotted line. If your fabric has a front & back then make sure you are marking out the cape on the back of the fabric.

3. Position your fabric over the top of the T-shirt, making sure it is the correct length from hem to shoulder. With your chalk, trace a solid line on your fabric along the seam of the T-shirt from shoulder to neck, around the neckline and along to the next shoulder.

4. Add your seam allowance using a dotted line then taper this line from the shoulder to meet the outer edge one third of the way down the cape. Use sharp scissors to cut along the dotted line.


5. You now have the basic shape of your cape. If you are adding a contrasting lining as I did then you can use this as a template to save you measuring it all out again.

6. Pin your cape & lining together inside out – so what will be the outer side is on the inside. Sew along your solid line from one shoulder down, across & up to the other, leaving just the neck unsewn.

7. Using the hole you have left, turn your cape the right way out so that your raw edges are now on the inside. Use a chopstick to poke the corners out.

8. Carefully fold the edges of the final neck section inwards and pin the top of the cape to the T-shirt. Sew across from one shoulder to the other. This will close the gap at the neck as well as attach the cape to the T-shirt. Don’t worry if your stitching isn’t very neat, mine was rather wobbly but it will be covered by the sequins so no one will ever know!

9. Now for the fun bit! Iron on your superhero badge, letters, stars or whatever you fancy. Make sure you follow the manufacturers instructions and don’t get distracted by the telly like I did! Thankfully it’s only the lining that melted and it’s near the top so you can’t see it. Oops!

10. Lastly, use fabric glue and a cotton bud to stick the sequin trim along the outer edge of the cape.

And there you have it, a strangle-free superhero cape! Madeleine loves hers and has been saving various dolls & My Little Ponies from certain death ever since. “Supersister to the rescue!”

Let me know if you make a T-shirt cape for your little one (or for yourself…now there’s an idea!). I’d love to see your creations so come give me a shout on Facebook or Twitter.

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