Every year I have big plans for the garden that never quite materialise. Whether it’s creating a wildlife area with the kids or building veg beds from old pallets, there’s always plenty of things getting in the way of my dream garden; mainly lack of time and money, not to mention the Argyll weather. We’ve had a hell of a winter!

So this year I have finally come to terms with the fact that I ain’t no Charlie Dimmock. I don’t have her skills or the money or the time to create and maintain an insta-worthy garden. What I do have is two boisterous kids (three if you include the idiot dog) and a back lawn that resembles Glastonbury. It’s time to be realistic and make things easy for myself!

Here’s my plan of action; five tips for gardening made easy…


1.Artificial Grass

Admittedly, we’ve had some glorious weather lately so my grass has dried out, but it is still looking extremely patchy and will no doubt be a mud bath again once the rain returns. We did consider putting some seed down or getting it re-turfed but the drainage problem would still be there and it would soon get ruined again.

Which is why we’ve decided on artificial grass. It’s the ultimate in easy, low maintenance gardening! No mowing, no mud and it’s safe for kids and animals. Perfect!


2. Plant Bulbs

Tulips are one of my favourite flowers and I love seeing the fresh green leaves start to poke through the soil every spring. Bulbs do all the hard work for you. You simply plant them, wait and enjoy the flowers until they die off. Then they’ll do it all again for you next year!


3. Subscription Box

There are a few garden subscription boxes on the market but I’m a big fan of Lazy Flora. We received a box from them last year and I was so impressed; as was The Independent who recently awarded them ‘Best Buy’ status! Every 3 months Lazy Flora post you a box of seasonal plants, including compost if you wish, and full care instructions. It completely takes the guesswork out of buying plants and then researching how to look after them. I find the choice in garden centres can be quite overwhelming so this is such a good idea for those of us who aren’t naturally green fingered! You can check out my review here.


4. Evergreens

Pad out your garden with evergreens and perennial shrubs. They require little input and will give you something to enjoy all year round while you’re waiting for your flowers to bloom.


5. Invest in Tools

You’ll be more likely to get out there weeding if you have the right tools for the job. Go to the garden centre or online and invest in a quality set of gardening tools so that you can get any jobs done quickly and easily. I’m guilty of using the kitchen scissors instead of buying some secateurs which would make my life so much easier! In fact, I better go put that on the shopping list.



Are you a keen gardener? Any tips for keeping a neat and tidy garden with minimal effort? Do share!

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