When we moved into this rented house nearly 2 years ago the décor was not at all to our taste and we were quick to paint over the gaudy walls in the kids rooms. If you saw the before & after shots of Madeleine’s enchanted forest bedroom you’ll know what I mean! All other decorating plans went on hold soon after the move thanks to a miserable pregnancy & the resulting baby chaos which meant I was forced to live with the hideous living room wallpaper.

I hated that room. I hated the cold, uncomfortable leather sofa & the golden brown curtains that came with the house. And I hated the lime green floral wallpaper. I don’t know why but the wallpaper really got to me and I never spent any time relaxing in there. I would head straight up to bed every evening without even sitting on the couch.

After about a year of this I got so fed up that I ripped most of the paper off one day and so we have been living with semi-stripped walls ever since! The difference was amazing, though. The room had a much calmer feel to it once the busy wallpaper was gone and I did start to use the living room after that. But then I had the tough task of deciding what to replace it with. The kids & I spend most of our time in the living room so I knew I wanted something with a fun, feel-good-factor but I was struggling to transform that concept into an actual design plan.

Thankfully the clever folks at Inspired Wallpaper came to my rescue with their range of contemporary designs and after much umming & ahhing I decided on Coloroll’s Chevron Grey Geometric Glitter Wallpaper*. They also do this design in blue, yellow, black, teal & orange so it wasn’t an easy choice, but I’ve been a fan of the popular grey & yellow colour combo for a while so I decided to go with grey and accessorize with bright colours.

And so my design plan was born! A bright, modern room with geometric shapes and a colour palette of grey, yellow, pink & turquoise.

I borrowed a wallpaper steamer to remove the rest of the floral nightmare (very therapeutic!) and gave the walls a good wipe over. Having never wallpapered before I was a little nervous but thankfully the paper comes with full instructions so I was soon on a roll into the swing of it. It took a lot of faffing to get the pattern matched and I even managed to put one piece on upside down but once I’d finished & taken a step back I was really pleased with myself. Admittedly the areas around the plug sockets are a bit dodgy but other than that I think it looks really good! It’s great quality wallpaper and I love the subtle sparkle of the glitter.

I’ve made a start on painting the walls but I am yet to find any curtains or fabric that I like. I’m also not convinced my lovely Mother in Law’s paintings suit the new décor so I’m on the look out for some fun artwork to replace it with. Any suggestions?

In the meantime I must say a big thank you to Inspired Wallpaper for quite literally inspiring me with their wallpaper! It’s now a bright, fun space for me & the kids to play in during the day and I can’t wait to sit & relax in it every evening. Finally, I’m in love with my living room!

What do you think? Are you a fan of bright colours and geometric designs?

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