I love wooden toys. I really wish Madeleine & Thomas had more of the traditional style toys but inevitably the plastic tat creeps in and peer pressure means they must have the latest craze. Which is fine, of course, but there are so many benefits to wooden toys that I’ve been thinking I really should make more of an effort to buy wooden over plastic.


5 Benefits of Wooden Toys


1. Value for Money

Wooden toys are long lasting so can be passed on to younger siblings for years more fun, meaning you really get your money’s worth. Good quality wooden toys always have a high resale value, too, so you may well recoup some pennies once your children have outgrown the toys.

2. Safety

Plastic can break, crack or shatter easily whereas wood is hard wearing. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to throw away a plastic toy because it’s become dangerous.

3. Eco Friendly

Wood is biodegradable. Plastic is not. As long as you make sure you’re buying toys made from sustainable sources, you are doing the environment a massive favour. Not-so-fun fact: Some plastic can take up to 1000 years to decompose!

4. Encourages Imagination

Without all the flashing lights and irritating tunes children are free to use their imaginations meaning wooden toys can be played with in an infinite number of ways.

5. Aesthetics

Okay, so it may not be the most important of points but lets face it, wooden toys look great. They’re so much more insta-worthy than the plastic alternatives!


If you’re a fan of wooden toys too make sure you check out Hippychick. They have some gorgeous products including this wooden caterpillar which we’ve had since Madeleine was a baby and both kids still play with even at aged 5 and 2. It’s safe to say we’ve had our £2.95 ‘s worth!

I also love the adorable tool bench that the folks at Hippychick kindly donated to our local playgroup. Needless to say it was a big hit with all the little ones! How cute are Fraser & Torrin?! It was so lovely watching them discover all the bits & bobs and pretending to build things; great for fine motor skills, too. And speaking of cute, check out the mini mobile phone hanging on the tool bench! I love it!


After the birthday and Christmas bonanza that was December I really need to have a good sort out of the kids toys. There is just stuff everywhere and it’s really starting to stress me out! So much of it they don’t even play with. Once I’ve gone through everything I shall be heading over to the Hippychick website to see what lovely things I can replace the plastic nonsense with. I’ve got my eye on the Crocodile Balancing Game and Tommy would love the Car Transporter. That boy is obsessed with anything with wheels!



Are you and your kids a fan of wooden toys? What are their favourites?

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