Happy Monday! I’m kicking off the week with another round up of this seasons top trends and today’s trend of choice is the ever popular slogan tee.

There’s no getting away from it, slogan tees are here to stay! There’s a touch of 90’s nostalgia about them which I love and they can be worked into any wardrobe. Whether it’s teamed simply with jeans & Converse; tucked into a midi skirt with heels or even under a matchy matchy power suit with brogues. Whatever your style, there’s a slogan tee for you! Here’s some of my current favourites…

I love the Boohoo c’est la vie top (obviously I’d wear it tucked in, I’m not a belly out kinda gal!) but slogan tees are all over the high street at the mo so you’re bound to find one you like. I had one in the nineties that I picked up in a charity shop and had ‘hello boys‘ emblazoned across the chest, much to my mum’s horror. It was ironic really considering if a boy so much as asked me the time I’d go bright red and scuttle off to a dark corner!

The heartbreaker tee in the featured image was one I picked up from Very in the January sales. Sadly it was a very short lived love affair and my heart was broken before I even had chance to wear it thanks to Madeleine, who decided to “make it prettier” by drawing on it with fabric pens. Aren’t 5 year olds delightful?

If there’s a particular phrase you love or a slogan you can’t find on the highstreet then why not design your own and get it custom made by a company such as Printsome? You can choose the colour, the style, the design and create something as unique as you are. Actually, that’s just given me an idea…hmm, watch this space!



Do you like a slogan tee? How do you where yours?

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