I always get a little bit excited when the Next Directory lands on the doorstep as it means a new season and new clothes – yay! Autumn is officially here so it’s time to dig out the tights and dust off the ankle boots. I live in jumper dresses in the colder months so I was very pleased to find plenty of choice in Next’s Autumn Directory which arrived last week. There are some lovely things this season; here’s my pick of the new collection:




I realise the sandals aren’t hugely practical for an Argyll autumn but I’m still holding out for an Indian summer so I may need them yet! The boots are far more practical but are actually from the older girls section, which goes up to an adult size 7. I’ve had a few pairs of their kids pumps in the past which always have really cute designs and come up a little cheaper than the adults choices. Today’s top tip for you!

I know it’s not for everyone but internet shopping is a must round here. Rural living means we don’t have an awful lot of clothes shops to choose from so it’s nice to be able to try on and send back if I need to. I have a Next account which is a little bit dangerous but also makes returns really easy as there’s no faffing about with refunds.  Needless to say I am on first name terms with my local courier!


Are you a Next fan? What have you got your eye on for your Autumn wardrobe?

(Please note all photos in wish list c/o Next)


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