If you are a regular reader you’ll know that I’m a huge advocate of self love and the body positive movement. Last year I took part in Operation BoPo and flashed the flesh for a great photographic exhibition. I’m a big believer that our bodies tell our story and it is a story worth telling.

Did you know this is National Obesity Awareness Week? The aim is apparently to encourage people to eat healthier and exercise more. This is all well & good but I fear that the only thing it will be raising is the guilt levels. January is a bombardment of new-year-new-you ads that attempt to shame us into stocking up on lettuce and the latest Davina DVD; do we really need an entire week dedicated to making us ‘aware’? How is this productive?

I find it a constant battle to keep to a healthy diet thanks to my sugar addiction and have struggled over the years with weight issues and the resulting shame. I am currently at my heaviest but you know what? Who cares? I sure as hell don’t. I’ve decided it’s time to ditch the guilt and embrace my body!

Of course there can be health issues with being overweight and I am working towards becoming fitter (not necessarily thinner) in the hope of improving my back troubles. But no matter what the number on the scales say I am going to be proud of my body, ignore the annual deluge of fat-shaming ads and take inspiration from these gorgeous girls who prove that fashion and self love is open to all!

Velveteen Femme

I have a bit of a style crush on Sarah Moffat from Velveteen Femme. Think floaty & feminine with a hint of sporty. The Edinburgh based blogger focuses on beauty & fashion with a healthy dose of body positivity. Her photos are always bright & breezy and a joy to look at.


Ok so technically Amanda Crichton from Amanda Apparel is not actually Scottish but she lives in Edinburgh and that’s good enough for me! If you’re a fan of floral frocks and the blue-hair-don’t-care trend then you really need to check out Kansas girl Amanda’s pretty blog.


Fellow Lindy Bop lover Zoe Meers from I Knew I was Next is based in Dundee and writes about fashion & beauty as well as her Fibromyalgia journey. I love her fun, confident outfits and her conversational writing style.


Jenny Rushmore from Cashmerette is a Scot living in America and has turned a fledgling hobby into a successful business. At the age of 30 she taught herself how to sew and started making her own clothes, which was an absolute revelation to her. Her clothing is just my style; classic pieces in gorgeous prints. Check out the flamingo lining in that coat! You can now buy Cashmerette sewing patterns (for UK size 14-26) as well as a curvy fashion sketchpad for designing your own garments. I’m determined to start sewing my own clothes this year so I’ll be keeping a close eye on Jenny for some inspiration!


Glaswegian Ly H Kerr is the founder of Operation BoPo and a huge advocate of the self love movement. There’s Something in The Way She Moves is her personal blog where you will find honest, heartfelt accounts of living with chronic pain, PTSD and self harm as well as outfit posts. It is well worth a visit!

So, this National Obesity Awareness Week – and every other week for that matter! – don’t let yourself be fooled by society’s bizarre notion that in order to be happy you must be a size 10. These fabulous curvy Scots prove that your size has no implication on your beauty or your overall awesomeness.

It’s time to say goodbye to my guilt and a big cheery hello to the self love revolution!

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