Last month we jumped on the ferry to Mull for a day out with my Mum while she was visiting from Yorkshire. The sun had made a rare appearance and we were treated to a glorious afternoon wandering around the colourful streets of Tobermory. Madeleine and I took the opportunity to wear our new pieces from Swedish brand Me & I. They had kindly gifted her a skirt and myself a cute cat print top.


I hate wearing sun cream and much prefer to keep my shoulders covered rather than coat my every inch with greasy lotion, so the lightweight, short sleeved cat top was the perfect choice. Obviously I did put sun cream on the bits that were exposed – slip slop slap and all that!


The first thing Madeleine does when she gets a new skirt or dress is the Twirl Test. If it doesn’t have suitable lift when spinning and twirling then we are in trouble. Thankfully Me & I’s spotty pink skirt passed the test and she merrily twirled, pranced and posed her way around Tobermory in the sunshine.


Both items have been worn a few times since this first outing and I’ve been really impressed with the quality. They wash well, hold their shape and still look & feel like new. In fact, I’ve been so impressed that I’m planning on stocking up on more pieces for myself and the kids for next season. Here’s a few things that I’ve been eyeing up from their brand new Autumn 2017 collection…


As you know, I love colour and print so I’m a big fan of the kids range. I also love that it’s mostly unisex – no gender stereotypes here, thank you! Me & I’s clothing is good quality, practical and fun – you really can’t go wrong. Check out their facebook page for more of their gorgeous clothes (and cinnamon rolls!).

Oh, and give the Nest & Dressed page some love while you’re there! Thanks, folks!

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