We all know the health benefits of organic food but do you put the same importance on your clothing? Have you considered the environmental and social benefits of chemical-free organic cotton over the non-organic alternative?


Here’s five reasons to take a leaf out of H&M’s book and go all in on organic…


1 . It uses less water

Conventionally produced cotton uses about 8000 litres of water to make just one pair of jeans… that’s enough drinking water for one person for over 7 years! Organically grown cotton uses a staggering 88% less water.


2 . It uses less energy

Organic cotton also uses 62% less energy to produce than it’s chemical drenched cousin.


3 . Better health for workers

The lack of pesticides, insecticides and herbicides makes for a much healthier working environment for the cotton farmers. The World Health Organization attributes up to 20,000 deaths each year to pesticide poisoning in developing countries.


4 . More financial opportunities for farmers

It’s not just the farmer’s health that benefits from an organic way of farming. The toxin-free soil means that farmers can make an extra income by growing additional crops to sell and for personal use.


5 . It’s kinder to our skin

Chemical residue on traditionally produced cotton can irritate sensitive skin and cause allergy flair ups. Naturally produced organic cotton alleviates this problem and is much gentler on our skin.



If you’re keen to go organic then you are in luck. Have a scroll through this shopable widget for some of my current favourites…


Make sure you also check out Natural Collection and Honest Department for excellently curated ethical clothing.  Happy shopping!


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