Wake up, kick ass! Admittedly this tends to be the last thing I want to do when the Evil Red Tide of Doom arrives but could WUKA period pants* really revolutionise my period by being “the world’s most comfortable and eco-friendly period underwear”? It’s quite a statement!

I’d been considering different eco sanitary options for a while when WUKA’s CEO and co-founder Ruby offered to send me some of their reusable pants to try out. I wasn’t sure what to expect; would they be bulky, obvious, uncomfortable? Would they really be as leak-proof and super-absorbent as WUKA claimed?

The underwear arrived beautifully packaged and for the first time in my life I was actually excited for my period to start!


Ethical Credentials?

  • One pair of WUKA reusable period pants can replace 100 tampons, each of which contain as much plastic as 3 plastic bags.
  • The pants are constructed using an innovative MicroModal fabric that is CO2 neutral and made from beech tree fibres.
  • They are designed in the UK and manufactured in China using a responsible fair-wage factory.


But do they really work?

The quick answer is YES!

I have had 3 periods since I was sent the two pairs (one light, one heavy) so they have certainly been put through their paces. I’ve found them to be really comfortable & absorbent and don’t really notice that I have the light ones on. The heavy pair are more noticeable simply because they are a bit bulkier but I still feel confident wearing them out & about. I happily wear them for the whole day or overnight with no leaks or issues at all. It is worth saying at this point that I have a medium flow on the first day of my period then it it’s fairly light on the following days. If you have a heavier period you might need to change the pants more often or maybe use them along with a menstrual cup.

Also, a quick note for my fellow running mums who may have leaks of a different nature (damn you, pelvic floor); I’ve worn my WUKA period pants to run in on a few occasions and they are fantastic! Really comfortable, no chaffing and zero leakage.



Overall, WUKA period pants are a big winner for me. No more uncomfortable, unsustainable tampons or pads…hurrah! In fact, I love them so much that I shall be ordering more and basking in the smugness of not only saving money but saving the planet, too!

And speaking of winners, how do you fancy giving your period an eco-friendly face lift by winning a WUKA bralette and pants set of your very own? It would be the perfect way to give reusable period pants a go and start you on your plastic free period journey. Head over to my Instagram page to see how you can win a bralette and a pair of light pants by clicking here. (COMPETITION NOW CLOSED)


Good luck and happy bleeding!

(Too much?)


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